Welcome to Fischel's Hobby Center. We have a wide variety of hobby items. Such as Model kits, Die-cast vehicles, Paint by number, Puzzles, R/C vehicles, and more. Trains in Z, N, HO, On30, S, O & G scale, hobby tools, Paint by number, Thomas the train engine, kites, metal detectors, and much more. Keep us in your favorite bookmarks and check back once in a while you never know what we will listed that you might be looking for. Don't forget to stop by our ebay site. fischelshobbyctr


MicroHeli MHECP002CHB Main Center Hub, Blue: MHECP002HS3
MicroHeli MHECP066ST Strong Stainless Steel Main Shaft: Blade CP/CP Pro
MicroHeli MHECP2066 Precision Stainless Main Shaft:Honey Bee CP2
MicroHeli MHECX002BG1 CNC Lower Main Blade Grips: BCX
MicroHeli MHECX002BG2 CNC Upper Main Blade Grips: BCX
MicroHeli MHECX002MB1 Lower Main Blades: BCX,CX3
MicroHeli MHECX065 Inner Shaft w/Aluminum Main Rotor Hub: BCX,CX3
MicroHeli MHECX065ST Steel Inner Shaft: MH-CX065: BCX,CX3
MicroHeli MHELT4102 CNC Main Gear LT with Auto-Rotation Hub: TREX
MicroHeli MHETX4018SS45 Pulley/ Hardened SS Tail Shft: 450X/XL
MicroHeli MHETX4022PRO Adj Tail Push Rod PRO: TREX 450X/XL
MicroHeli MHETX4064VFR Vertical Fin Round End:TREX 450X
MicroHeli MHETX4001BFB Bottom Frame CFMn Frame, Blue: TREX 450X XL SE
MicroHeli MHECX002LH Precision CNC Lower Head: BCX,CX3
MicroHeli MH-130X003YL MHE130X003YL Plastic Main Blade 135mm, Yellow: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X003 MH-130X003 Carbon Fiber Main Blades: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X003BK MH-130X003BK Plastic Main Blade 135mm, Black: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X003GR MH-130X003GR Plastic Main Blade 135mm, Green: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X003OR MH-130X003OR Plastic Main Blade 135mm, Orange: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X003WT MH-130X003WT Plastic Main Blade 135mm, White: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X030BK MH-130X030BK Plastic Tail Blade 29mm, Black: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X030OR MH-130X030OR Plastic Tail Blade 29mm, Orange: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X030WT MH-130X030WT Plastic Tail Blade 29mm, White: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X026 MH-130X026 Double Bearing Tail Pitch Lever: Blade 130 X
MicroHeli MHE130X001CG MH-130X001CG Rubber Canopy Grommets : Blade 130X
MicroHeli MHE130X042RS MH-130X042RS Steel Tail Shaft/Hub Set:MHE130X042
MicroHeli MHE130X043BG MH-130X043BG Tail Blade Grip Set: MHE130X142X
MicroHeli MHE130X333OR MH-130X333OR Long Bullet Plastic Main 150mm Orange : 130X