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JR Parts

JR 960090 Hex Start Shaft Universal
JR JRP970029 Seesaw Spacer A B E AC BC AS V
JR JRP960475 Lower Frame Angle E
JR JRP960055 Tailcase Pulley A B CP
JR JRP960075 Linkage Set A A B
JR JRP960132 Alum Tail Support Clamp E Z S
JR JRP960178 Seesaw Mixing Arms E
JR JRP960199 Clutch Bell Assembly 10T B
JR JRP960230 Phase Adjusting Ring E Q Z
JR JRP960234 CNC Tail Pitch Lever with BB VC
JR JRP960632 Landing Skids VE
JR JRP960632 Landing Skids VE
JR JRP960662 Nylon Battery Straps VE
JR JRP960677 Tail Case Set V5
JR JRP970005 Autorotation Sleve with Clip A B
JR JRP970014 Mixing Lever Bushin A - A B E
JR JRP970052 Taper Collet. Lower B - S Q
JR JRP970256 Tail Boom Mounts VE
JR JRP990003 Screw Bag Step 3 A B
JR JRP990005 Screw Bag Step A B
JR JRP990011 Screw Bag Step 4 E
JR JRP990012 Screw Bag Step 5 EJR JRP991002 Front Pinion Case w/2-bb: VC
JR JRP994012 Slide Ring Sleeve VE
JR JRP996119 Aluminum Front Tail Pulley
JR JRPA 093 Servo Extension 3in Heavy Duty
JR JRPA012 Micro Switch Harness
JR JRPA103 Servo Extension 36" Heavy Duty
JR JRPA133 Y-Harness with amplifier
JR JRPA215 HD Servo Arms (2)JR JRPA221 Servo Hardware 605 615
JR JRPA227 Metal Gear Servo Screws & Washers (6)
JR JRPA231 Servo Case Screws (16)
JR JRPA232 Servo Horn Screws (15)
JR JRPA235 Aluminum Servo Horn/Arm: DS168
JR JRPA243 Servo Tray 2 Servos 1x1
JR JRPA255 servo output horn supporter
JR JRPA242 Servo Tray 2x1
JR JRPSC507 Servo Case s507 s513 s517 s531
JR JRPSC537 Servo Case  527 537 547 590 650M
JR JRPSCZ270 Servo Case Z270
JR JRPSG341 Gear Set S341 S331
JR JRPSG507 Gear Set SG507 S517 S531
JR JRPXAT AM Transmitter Crystal Channel 82 75.830MHz
JR JRPXDR FM/PCM Dual transmitter Crystal ch. 37 72.530MHz
JR JRSPC537 Servo Case 527 537 547 590 650MJR JSP98070 Micro Server Arm 2
JR JRP960450 Upper Main Frame AC
JR JRP960630 Landing Struts: R (2)
JR JRP960716 Main Frame Set: V50
JR JRP960008 Aluminum Engine Mount:A, AC, CP
JR JRP996037 Tail Gear Case: VC
JR JRP996067 Seesaw Shaft: CP
JR JRP960133 Tail Gear Box Clamp(A): S, VC, V9
JR JRP960178B Seesaw Mixing Arm w/BB: E, Z
JR JRP980122 Socket Head Bolt, 3x50mm (10)
JR JRP960261 Roll Bell Crank BB: A, B, E, Q, Z, V
JR JRP980102 Socket Head Bolt, 4x10mm (10)
JR JRPA047 Long Gimbal Sticks