Welcome to Fischel's Hobby Center. We have a wide variety of hobby items. Such as Model kits, Die-cast vehicles, Paint by number, Puzzles, R/C vehicles, and more. Trains in Z, N, HO, On30, S, O & G scale, hobby tools, Paint by number, Thomas the train engine, kites, metal detectors, and much more. Keep us in your favorite bookmarks and check back once in a while you never know what we will listed that you might be looking for. Don't forget to stop by our ebay site. fischelshobbyctr

Hobby Zone

Hobby Zone 1007 Propeller: Firebird, FBII, FBIIST
Hobby Zone HBZ3327 propeller with shaft zig zag racer
Hobby Zone HBZ4531 Tail with Accessories Red Outlaw
Hobby Zone HBZ4532 Tail with accessories Green outlaw
Hobby Zone HBZ4618 Black Nose Piece FBS
Hobby Zone HBZ4630 Tail with accessories Firebird Scout
Hobby Zone HBZ6024 Wing hold down rods with caps AER, ABC
Hobby Zone HBZ7114 Firewall with screws CubHobby Zone HBZ4538 Canopy Cvr W/Hook/Screw FB Outlaw
Hobby Zone HBZ2014 Canopy Cover with latch XL FTB AER ABCHobby Zone HBZ2016 Landing Gear: AER, FBC, ABC, FC2, FBF, ABS
Hobby Zone HBZ4020 Sonic Combat Module: ABS, FC2, P-51D, FBF, FW, F-27/B
Hobby Zone HBZ4025 Sonic Target with Sensor:FTB, FBC, ABC, FBC2, P-51D
Hobby Zone HBZ6507 Propeller: Aero bird extreme (ABX)
Hobby Zone HBZ7207 Propeller: ABS
Hobby Zone HBZ6532 Replacement Motor ABX
Hobby Zone HBZ4050 Tail V-Brace Red All Firebrids
Hobby Zone HBZ4617 Firebird scout airplane canopy
Hobby Zone HBZ4920 Main Wing: Champ
Hobby Zone HBZ4967 Bare Fuselage: Champ
Hobby Zone HBZ1047 1.5" Tailboom Repair: Firebird, Aerobird
Hobby Zone HBZ1053 Wing Center Cap: Firebird
Hobby Zone HBZ2012 Tail V-Brace (White): FBXL, FBC, FC2
Hobby Zone HBZ2013 Tail Screws, Wht (2):FBXL, FBC, ABC, FC2
Hobby Zone HBZ4541 Landing Gear Set: FBS, FBP
Hobby Zone HBZ6028 Orange Wing Caps (4): AER, ABC
Hobby Zone HBZ1081 Charger Connector w/Wire: 900 mAh Battery
Hobby Zone HBZ1510 Yellow Rubberbands (5):FBII, FBIIST
Hobby Zone HBZ1512 Canopy Cover w/Latch: FBII, FBIIST
Hobby Zone HBZ2011 White Rubberbands (5):FBXL,FBC,FC2
Hobby Zone HBZ2017 Tail Gear with Wheel: ABS, AER, ABC, FBF
Hobby Zone HBZ2037 Wheel Axle Caps(4): XL, AER, ABC, FBC, FTB
Hobby Zone HBZ2517 Canopy Cover with Hardware: FBC
Hobby Zone HBZ3417 Cockpit Window: ZZR2
Hobby Zone HBZ4058 Silver Rubberbands (5):FTB
Hobby Zone HBZ4526 Red Rubber Bands (3):FB Outlaw
Hobby Zone HBZ4527 Green Rubber Bands (3): FB Outlaw
Hobby Zone HBZ6032 Tail V-Brace,Orange: AER, ABC
Hobby Zone HBZ7134 Motor with Pinion: Cub
Hobby Zone HBZ4552 FB Outlaw Fuselage: CH 2, 27.045
Hobby Zone HBZ4556 FB Outlaw Fuselage: CH 6, 27.255
Hobby Zone HBZ4522 Standard Wing: Red FB Outlaw
Hobby Zone HBZ4523 Standard Wing:Green FB Outlaw
Hobby Zone HBZ4030 Silver Wing: FTB
Hobby Zone HBZ4032 Yellow Wing: FTB
Hobby Zone HBZ4820 Standard Wing: Mini-CubHobby Zone HBZ4042 Yellow Tail w/Accessories: FTB
Hobby Zone HBZ4720 White Wing: FBP
Hobby Zone HBZ4731 Tail with Accessories: FBP
Hobby Zone HBZ7120 Standard Wing with Struts: CubHobby Zone HBZ6545 ABX Fuselage: CH 5, 27.195
Hobby Zone HBZ7162 Fuselage, CH 2, 27.045: CubHobby Zone HBZ7385 Bare Fuselage(no electronics or decals):SC LPHobby Zone HBZ7125 Complete Tail with Accessories: Cub
Hobby Zone HBZ3553 Transmitter: Channel 3, 27.095: AER, ABC, ABX
Hobby Zone HBZ7231 Tail with Accessories: ABS
Hobby Zone HBZ3530 White Tail w/Accessories: ABC
Hobby Zone HBZ3531 Silver Tail with Accessories: ABC
Hobby Zone HBZ2521 White Wing: FBC,FC2Hobby Zone HBZ2532 Yellow Tail w/Accessories: FBC
Hobby Zone HBZ3520 White Wing: ABC
Hobby Zone HBZ3521 Silver Wing: ABC
Hobby Zone HBZ5522 Yellow Standard Wing: FBIIST
Hobby Zone HBZ5534 FBIIST Fuselage: CH 4, 27.145
Hobby Zone HBZ7041 Pushrods & Locking Screw(2):FBF
Hobby Zone HBZ7106 Landing Gear with Tires: Cub
Hobby Zone HBZ7122 Wing Struts with Screws: Cub
Hobby Zone HBZ7128 Pushrods and Clevis Set (2): Cub
Hobby Zone HBZ7220 Wing with Spar: ABS