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Duratrax Real Race Professional R/C car Simulator

Duratrax Real Race Professional R/C car Simulator
Item# DTXZ4010

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Brand new.

This is the First-Of-Its-Kind R/C Car Simulator For IBM Compatible PC's Having Windows 95, 98 or ME, Equipped With Sound and Video Cards. Race against yourself or against multi-players on separate computers.

Windows XP users must download the free update at

REQUIRES: IBM Compatible PC With Windows 95 or 98 Operating System. 15-Pin Gameport and Joystick Or Joystick Based Controller. NOTE: (NOT DESIGNED TO WORK WITH: Laptop Computers, Macintosh, Windows NT.)

Minimum: Intel Pentium 266 or Better, 32 MB of RAM, 4X CD-ROM Drive, 60MB of Available Hard Drive Space, Super VGA Monitor, IBM- Compatible Game Port, Graphics and Sound Cards Compatible With The Current Version Of Microsoft Direct X and Microsoft Direct 3D High- Performance 3D Accelerated Video Card With 4MB or More Of Video RAM

Optimum: Pentium II 300 or Above, 32MB RAM, 16X CD-Rom Drive, 60MB of Available Hard Drive Space, Super VGA Monitor, IBM Compatible- Game Port, Graphics and Sound Cards Compatible With The Current Version Of Microsoft Direct X and Microsoft Direct 3D High- Performance 3D Accelerated Video Card With 8MB or More Video RAM

For Multiplayer: One CD per player Pentium II 350 or higher for 2 players Pentium II 400 or higher for more than 2 players. LAN: IPX/SPX or TCP/IP protocol Internet: TCP/IP connection requires an Internet Account and 28.8 modem ** Connect time charges may apply. ** Head to Head Modem (2 Players): 28.8 modem required Serial Port (2 Players): Null modem cable, high?speed serial port

INCLUDES: One Futaba 2-Stick Controller w/Pre-Wired Cord and a 15-Pin Gameport Plug. One CD-Rom Software (You Will Need To Use The CD While Running The Simulator As Well As Installing The Software Onto The Computer.) (Instructions Are Included On The CD-Rom)

FEATURES: Sites: 5 lifelike racetracks- complete with 3D Terrain having banked sides , jumps, ruts... and 11 PhotoField backgrounds. Viewpoint Perspectives: From inside the car, behind in a "chase" car, in the track-level driver's area, or up above the action on a driver's stand, where the multipoint dynamic camera allows the angle of the viewpoint to be altered. Vehicles: 11 realistic R/C On and Off-Road, nitro- and electric-powered, 2WD & 4WD vehicles ranging from buggies to touring cars and even a monster truck. (Maximum ST and BX, Axis, Nitro Quake to name a few) Solo or Multi-Player Racing: Race against the clock or multi-player racing on separate computers by modem connection. Sound: Employs Doppler-correct VirtualRevolutionTM sound technology- heightening the realistic effect with true recordings of a variety of power-plants including 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, and electric motors throughout their RPM range Physics: Over 120 Programmable Parameters To Change. Adjustable physics parameters such as motor or engine choice, tires, drive type, steering angle, brake type and many more. Changes are computed into the vehicles performance for highly detailed R/C car dynamics.

COMMENTS: Languages Available On The Program: French, Portugese, English, Italian, German, Spanish This is THE "STATE OF THE ART" R/C Car Simulator - NOTHING On The Market Even Comes As Close To The Technical Sophistication - These Cars Drive JUST LIKE The Real Models Do. 3D Video Cards Note: The Speed Of The Video Card Means More Than The Speed Of The Computer's Processor. There Is A Big Difference Between The Video Cards Currently Available, And You Cannot Evaluate Them Based On Price. Many 3D Video Cards On The Market Will Use The Same Chipset But Are Made By Different Card Manufacturers. Chipsets: 3Dfx Interactive Voodoo Graphics, 3Dfx Voodoo Rush, ATI 3D Rage Pro, NVIDIA RIVA 128 and Riva TNT and TNT2. 3D Video- Cards: Diamond Viper 550 & 770, Diamond Fire GL, STB Velocity 128, Video Logic Apocalypse 5D, ATI Xpert@Play, Monster and Monster II cards, Stealth S220 and G564.


For ages 8 & up

Item # on package: dtxz4010

Manufacturer: Duratrax

Year made: 1999

Made in: software U.S.A. Controler in Taiwan