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Bullfrog Snot BFS1 Liquid Plastic Traction Tire for trains 1oz

Bullfrog Snot BFS1 Liquid Plastic Traction Tire for trains 1oz
Item# BFS1

Product Description

Liquid Plastic Traction Tire for trains 1oz

Easily applied and removed. Just a toothpick is all you'll need to install and a hobby knife to remove
It's ready to go - no multi-part mixing
No disassembly, special tools or surgical skills required
Cures at room temp in moments. No baking or nasty fumes
Can be thinned out with plain 'ol water, if so desired
It is easy to see your work, and it cures to virtually invisible
Very thin once cured only .0055" or less
Leaves no residue on the track, and no gunk in your engine
Universal - works for any loco from any manufacturer in any scale

Tech Notes:

Notice that the wheels need to be 'bare'. BULLFROG SNOT does not like fresh factory blackened wheels, so scuff 'em clean or BULLFROG SNOT will not want to stick.

VERY important!
Keep the wheels turning as the BULLFROG SNOT cures until the color is gone, maybe 10 minutes or so. (Ignore this and gravity will give you a lumpy tire.)

Let it fully cure for a few hours or better, overnight.