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Hangar 9 HAN2300 Cap 232 .40 Size ARF: Ultra

Hangar 9 HAN2300 Cap 232 .40 Size ARF: Ultra
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Product Description

Cap 232 .40 Size ARF: Ultra Ser

Hangar 9™ has distilled all the great flying qualities of this French favorite into a compact .40-size model that makes for an easy building, inexpensive introduction to the world of precision aerobatics. A nice step up from basic sport

Mastering the basics in R/C flying is fun, but for most pilots it's just a stepping stone on their way to the real reason they started flying R/C in the first place-aerobatics. Hangar 9's new .40-size Sport CAP 232 is designed to help those who yearn for unusual attitudes make this rite of passage without being overwhelmed. It accomplishes this beautifully by blending the CAP's aggressive aerobatic ability with smooth precision of a pattern model and simple assembly of a sport ARF. We flight tested our model with the MDS .48 2-stroke and found it to be an excellent choice for freshman aerobatics. This provided adequate power for advanced maneuvers like knife-edge flight. Basic aerobatics like loops, aileron rolls, and Cuban 8's were remarkably more crisp and precise compared to other sport-type models. This enhanced responsiveness in basic maneuvers will quickly accustom the modeler to the exciting feel of a high-performance aerobatic design. Since the CAP is a higher performance aerobatic design than most basic sport planes, it snap rolls more aggressively. While certainly manageable with plenty of practice, we do recommend a relative novice start practicing at higher altitudes until they became accustomed to the increased snap roll rate. In fact, it is precisely this advanced capability that will allow intermediate modelers to enjoy the CAP long after they've become accomplished aerobatic pilots.

Easy assembly
Like all Hangar 9 ARFs, the Sport CAP is 90% prebuilt from top-quality balsa and ply and includes all the necessary finishing hardware. Total assembly time takes about 8 to 12 hours, with the finished model weighing about 6 to 71/3 pounds. It is covered in a unique silver Breitling trim scheme that employs the use of a striking set of shark's teeth on the cowl. The covering is 100% UltraCote® and available everywhere, making it easy to find the color you need for any touchups or repairs. Aerobatics is a fun and rewarding challenge that provides years of R/C enjoyment–Hangar 9's .40-Size Sport CAP 232 can take you as far as you want to go without breaking the bank.

Wingspan: 60 in (152 cm)
Wing Area: 594 sq in
Flying Weight: 6 - 7.33 lbs