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GPMZ4102 RealFlight Add-ons CD Volume 2

GPMZ4102 RealFlight Add-ons CD Volume 2
Item# GPMZ4102

Product Description

This is the RealFlight Add-ons CD Volume 2 from Great Planes.

**Not compatible with RealFlight G4.**

FEATURES: New Power Plant Options: Ducted Fans, Jet Turbines, Giant Scale Gasoline Engines and Electric Motors with Adjustments and Sounds.

13 New Airplanes:
* Bird of Time
* Spirit 100
* Super Skybolt
* Douglas DC-3
* Dazzler
* F-86 Super Sabre
* Sopwith Camel
* Fokker Triplane
* F4 Phantom
* PT-19
* Fly Baby
* Spitfire
* Space Walker (electric)

5 New 3D Flying Fields:
* Ancient Pyramids
* Island Paradise
* Canyon Pylon
* Rocky Mountains
* Desert Oasis

COMPUTER SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: All Add-ons volumes require that the RealFlight R/C simulator (Classic, Deluxe, or Generation 2 or 3) be installed first.

Operating System: Windows 95, 98 (First or Second Edition), Me, 2000, or XP

Local administrator access required for Windows Vista, XP and 2000

NOTE: Add Ons Volume 3 is not supported under Windows NT or the Macintosh platforms (this includes Windows emulators for the Mac)

Processor: Minimum processor speed of 300MHz with a STRONG RECOMMENDATION of 600MHz or faster for best performance

Memory: 32MB RAM with STRONG RECOMMENDATION of 64MB RAM for best performance

Video Card: 3D accelerated video card with 8MB of dedicated video RAM with a STRONG RECOMMENDATION of 16MB of video RAM or more for best performance.

Storage: 40MB Hard drive space (RealFlight Classic/Deluxe) 300MB Hard drive space (RealFlight G2)