DuraTrax DTXC9601 Swing Shaft 85.5mm Maximum ST (2)

DuraTrax DTXC9601 Swing Shaft 85.5mm Maximum ST (2)
Item# DTXC9601
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Product Description

These Are a Pair of Stock Replacement Swingshafts (dogbones) for Use On the Duratrax Maximum ST. Since this is a Two-Wheel Drive Vehicle, these Will Be installed on the Rear Axles, only one package is needed.

INCLUDES: Two Swingshafts

SPECS: Shafts are made of a sturdy metal with attractive chrome finish Shafts are 85.5mm in length (about 3-1/4"L)

COMMENTS: The swingshafts are the drive shafts for the rear of the truck. These shafts will install between the wheel shaft (DTXC9800) and the joints (DTXC8100). These are a one piece, non-telescoping shaft. Overdrive parts list shows this as 62.5mm this is not correct.